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French photographer Frédéric Lagrange travelled to the foothills of the Hindu Kush, Afghanistan, to capture its landscape and the challenges of everyday life.

“I rarely think of my work this way, but I was really touched by it,” Lagrange says. “It was deeply moving to be there as a human being, but the imagery, professionally, was beyond my wildest expectations. There’s a certain legacy there—of giving a voice, a face, and dignity to those people. And to Afghanistan.”

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Organized Neatly by Jim Golden

“Organized Neatly” is a series shot by Jim Golden with help from stylist Kristin Lane. Golden is the owner and photographer behind Jim Golden Studio in Portland, Oregon.

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Stephan Geyer Photography

Stephan Geyer, born in Barcelona in 1981, began photographing at a very young age, his work is characterised by a vivid physical sensibility.

He says “I tend to seek the gloomier parts of cities usually hidden from sight by the glittering artificial world, and my perception is often portrayed with the help of contrast and juxtaposition. More interested in reality than fiction, observation than direction.”

The Kingdom by Seb Janiak

French graphic designer and photographer Seb Janiak has created this series by layering numerous photos and editing them with a method he calls “digital matte painting”.

“The Kingdom takes its inspiration from the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the Bardo Thodol. Its main theme is the duality faced by man since his creation, expressed in terms of a struggle between light and nothingness.” says Janiak.

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Dew-Soaked Insects by Ondrej Pakan

Slovakian photographer Ondrej Pakan captures these macro photographs of insects wet in morning dew.

Todd McLellan: Deconstructed

Canadian photographer Todd Mclellan captures old relics of our past and modern daily items in its dismantled form. His work delineates the astounding intricacies and craft of these mechanical objects.

Photographer Jason Tozer Turns Soap Bubbles into Colourful Planets

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Saravut Whanset Photography – Thailand

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Sally Mann Photography

Sally Mann was born in Lexington, Virginia and is one of America’s most renowned photographers. Mann says “Photography has been used as an agent for cultural formation for a long time, I think, particularly as part of the postmodernist movement, but I want to use it more as a sort of spiritual and emotional inquiry, to establish photography’s connection to our lives in a meaningful way…. I’m trying to insert some affection into what I see as a rather passionless art world.”

Surrealist Brazilian Favelas by Dionisio González

Spanish photographer Dionisio González has re-imagined the very poor suburbs of Brazil, creating a new notion of shantytowns by fusing the existing infrastructure with modern and fantastical architecture.  These imaginary favelas are pure digital manipulation that the artist creates from scratch.

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Unportrait by Lucas Chimello Simões

Brazilian artist Lucas Chimello Simões creates these cut-outs by stacking dozens of layers of the same photo and then cut some parts out.

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Indonesian landscapes by Suhari Minggu Ningsih

Suhari Minggu Ningsih photographer is based in Banjarmasin, Indonesia, and most of her selection specifies an attraction with her native area.

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Colourful City Portraits by Tim Jarosz

Chicago based photographer Tim Jarosz creates fine art prints of the city, its attractive urban area and its social vibrancy. You can purchase his artwork from his shop here.

Andy Diaz Hope – Painting with Pills

San Francisco based artist Andy Diaz Hope transfers photographs onto elaborate grids of gel caplets.

“Andy Diaz Hope deconstructs his own digital photographs and painstakingly reassembles the original image in a mosaic of gelatin pill capsules, each containing small portions from several original prints. As a continuation of his Morning After Portraits series, Diaz Hope has turned his lens on the hidden landscapes of drug culture—from high school hideaways to psychiatric institutions.”

The Fishermen of Punnapra

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