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Stefano De Luigi – Kenya

As a documentary, Stefano De Luigi‘s works can rattle the hearts of even the most stone cold viewers. His 2009 series of works on the Kenyan drought is no exception. Stefano’s photographs show how the drought effects both the people…


Ana Karina Delgado

The Sahrawi People of the Sahara Desert live in a modern world built around very old conflicts. Although many nations throughout history have laid claims to these lands in the Western Sahara, it remains today as one of the last major non-self…


Paco Pomet

Paco Pomet‘s wonderful, if not slightly strange, sense of humor comes to life in his paintings. Using oil on canvas, he creates bizarre and thought provoking surreal scenes that contain a strange or humorous visual twist. His subverted landscapes and…


Neon Lights by Robert Babylon

Heavily influenced by the surrealist movement, English artist Robert Babylon takes the genre to a whole new level. Born in Surrey in 1961, he studied to gain an honours degree in Media Production at Bournemouth University at the age of…


Mariano Peccinetti Collage

By combining multiple photos, artist Mariano Peccinetti creates incredibly new and thought provoking works of art. His works include everything from typically household objects floating in space, to a farmers field with a second field of wild flowers as the…


Fintan Magee

Fintan Magee, an Australian street artist, is well known for his murals throughout Queensland and New South Wales. Born in the New South Wales town of Lismore and raised in Ipswich, Queensland, Magee gained an early reputation as a graffiti…


Kate Powell Illustration

Kate Louise Powell is a talented and upcoming young artist. Only 18 years old, she already has a very serious passion for art. Kate attends Leeds College of Art where she studies Foundation in Art and Design. Recreationally drawing for…



Alexander Semenov has the extraordinary opportunity to see a side of our planet that very few ever get the chance. Luckily for the rest of us, he brings a camera. As head of the divers’ team at Moscow State University’s…



Preferring the term “urban aesthetic” instead of “street artist”, urban/stencil artist, Fin DAC, is anything but conventional. The non-conforming artist is self-taught and uses his own unique style that defies the typical standard for modern street art. Fin DAC is…



Spanish artist Juan Francisco Casas has put his own twist on a modern internet craze. Taking “selfies” sent to him by female fans, Juan recreates the photographs using nothing except a ball point pen. The results are so realistic that…